Customs & Security. It’s a Pain in The Butt

*warning don’t expect a spell check

Customs & Security. It’s a Pain in The Butt.

Traveling through airports isn’t a breeze just because I’m often business class. I travel with only carryon luggage because I am in and out of destinations so quickly, I can’t risk luggage going missing or electronics getting damaged I also have working class visas, although this makes traveling surprisingly slower. 

Traveling through security can be tedious even with a pass that often allows me to skip the long line ups. Once I arrive to the security conveyer belt I empty all major electronics. For me that means A LOT. Once I lay down my carryon suitcase and bag on top of  that it equals up to 9 trays!! its embarrassing making all the people wait behind me. If I choose not to empty it out and go with just placing the bags, liquids and laptop, security always will pull me aside and make me empty it all out and start over and they will do a swap test on my multiple electronics.

Once I get through that stage I usually enter customs at some point. Entering customs with a working visa for me means the long line ups. I always thought it would be faster having the paper support, although customs officers need to ask you more questions. So I get stuck.