Digital message board – Junior “high”

*Warning don’t expect a spell check

Digital message board – Junior “high”

Although having grown up with two amazing parents I remember having a period in my life during grade 8 that I started hanging out with “the bad crowd” I would meet them in the mornings before “home base check in” and we would often sip on Rum with Pepsi that one of the kids stole from there parent liquor cabinet and once in a while someone would bring a little hash to smoke. My teachers who kept a good eye on the studios suggested that I take on a new school task which was there way of making a diversion from hanging out with the troubled. I was assigned to come in early to register messages on the school entrance digit LED message board. If it wasn’t of this I probably would never of had my first interest in programming. I really liked it better than alcohol and booze I had fun selecting all the symbols and clicking alphabet by alphabet even though  I had to restart  my programming if I made a spelling mistake, which I did daily! I even got to do the task with one of my best friend Sarah Jarvis who always new Id advance in some waky world.

Sarah Jarvis  and I are still best friends she’s attended a few shows now one of our best times was in Dominican republic for Electronic Paradise were I was VJing for Steve Angello and recently showed up to a show wearing a shirt her and her husband made for me it read;

I am with the VJ VIDEOGIRL

Hahahah amazing!!