Here I plan on blogging about about other VJs, industry people and just people I generally meet along the way.

This photo is of DJ (Daniel Jean)  my mentor and pretty damn cool friend. He is a producer at Moment Factory and he is one of the reasons why I am a professional VJ today! If it wasn’t for one night when he shoved me into the pit at Moomba nightclub and had me VJ and put moustaches on photos of peoples faces ahahaha I do not know where I would be today. NEVER FORGOT THOSE WHO OPENED YOUR WORLD UP. On his desk lay a pair of Tiësto headphones, Moment Factory has been producing Tiësto visuals since the Kaleidoscope tour. I decided to borrow the headphones without asking from DJs office one weekend for a house party I was throwing ( I thought we were cool that way).Oh oh I will never do that again, next time I will ask oh and invite DJ. DJ still loves me:)))!