OSC touch first time at a live show

Bad Times

It May Suck Sometimes

Ok we all get it life isn’t always peachy. This is the place that I try to be honest of the more difficult times.

Bad Times

OSC touch first time at a live show.

A few years back I purchase a bran new iPad and set up OSC Touch, this took me a few days to design a custom interface to playback as a midi controller. This was wireless and I could rome around and trigger some cool video effects while vying a show. My first day going live with this set up was for  Calvin Harris set at Escapade, before the show even started a technician decided without asking to move my main road case that had all my set up, she knocked my iPad over and it cracked in many places. The antenna lost all signal I could no longer hook up an ip address and it took over a month to repair  whomp whommmm.