The smaller places have the largest hearts

The smaller places have the warmest hearts. 

Oh sweet Tom. 

Last night arrived to Eugene Oregon recovering from a bad chest cold (Bronchitis) that I caught along my travels. Upon arrival I met up with Tom my driver who transferred me to my hotel. My entrance into his van was immediately followed by me saying “can I sleep now Im dying…”  along our little journey we stirred up some pretty funny conversations and spoke about everything from Donald Trump (yikes), the Queen, Brexit, his trip to Calgary and Saskatchewan Canada, the 80’s  tv show called Unsolved Mysteries and creepy white pick up van stories and off course I taught him a few French Quebec swear words hahahaha Esti Tabarnak!! (For those who don’t know I am French Canadian). To end the conversation I asked him to tell me a fact about Eugene. He had a few geographical notes to share like the distance driving from Eugene to the Canadian boarder and the fact that Eugene is in a valley. Once I arrived at the hotel I managed to do my zombie walk to my sanctuary where I dreamt to rest off my Bronchitis.

Today at the front dest of the hotel there was a paper bag with a note waiting for me. It was from Tom. It reads;

‘Here’s a funny fact about Eugene. At heart we are a small bunch of dreamers & music makers. Everything in the bag will get uku feeling better before China trip’ -Tom

Last week.

The bag included an essential oil Clear The air to purify breathing, a peach, orange juice and lemon honey lollipops.

Tom I cant thank you enough. I have not stepped out to discover Eugene Oregon yet , but I think you have shown me the best side.

Thank you.