Tokyo in a nutshell

Tokyo is in my opinion the most bizarre place that I have ever traveled, it’s non stop entertainment made me laugh almost every 5 minutes. I think Japan will officially become my second home!

I always knew Japan was a unusual place compared to the Canadian lifestyle. Growing up with my brother we watched hilarious Japanese prank tv shows and games shows that would bring us to tears laughing. I’v traveled to Kyoto and Tokyo for a quick 5 days once so I had a sneak preview, but I never expected my next travel to japan to get even better. You must scroll through the photos after this read.


Japan in a nutshell:


Pokemon overdose
Hello kitty everyyyything
Plastic food displays
Japanese girls punk rock groups
People falling asleep in public
Chipmunk music in Random places
Screaming Japanese noises on megaphones
Children’s musical playing when doors open at subway stops
Manga Casino’s
Random arcades with thousands of old retro games
Umbrella dryers
Sushi on rotating belts
Mango wine
SEGA and electronic district with  10 story manga toy stores
Maids caffe (just look it up)
Money being served on plates
Take an umbrella leave an umbrella system
Obsession with cats/Cats cafes
Musical heated/ electronic toilets
Race car track video game highways
Raman (experience in cubbies holes)
Pettit alleyway restaurants with incredible food
Hidden bars in shacks that fit 3 people
Bizarre fashion
Sad sewer robots choking on cigarette buts
Boiled egg cartoon pressers
Shinjuku costumes
Endless Energy drink sections in pharmacy’s
Mango magazines on street corners
Medicine masks
Robot Restaurant
Hand written signs
Stacked parking lots
Friendly Japanese strangers
And a hole lot if cultural difference